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Battery Systems

Dual Battery and Solar Systems - Gympie 4x4 Accessories ARB DealershipBattery Systems, Power Solutions and 12V Solar Panels

Battery Systems, Power Solutions and 12V Solar Panels with an ever increasing range of electrical accessories designed to make camping and touring safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable, reliable power sources and accompanying battery management systems are fast becoming necessities.

Whether you need an independent power source to keep camp accessories running, or a sustainable source of free power for longer stays, ARB offers a range of auxiliary battery kits and Redarc solar options to suit a variety of requirements.

To keep your batteries in optimum condition, ARB stocks a range of Redarc management systems and CTEK battery chargers to ensure your batteries are charged, maintained and monitored accurately. For delicate electronics, handheld GPS units, computers and more, Redarc also has a wide range of inverters available to safely run these and other 240V appliances.

At the heart of any auxiliary power system is the battery itself and ARB can provide a range of vehicle mounted and portable battery packs to cater for every setup under the sun.

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